Way to Gwangju

Gwangju is well connected by plane, high-speed train (KTX) and express bus, with Seoul, Incheon, Busan and all other major cities easily accessible within a day's trip. The capital city, Seoul, is 290.9km away, and can be reached in one hour minutes by plane, three hours by KTX, and four hours by express bus. Port of entry to Korea and Incheon, 311.4km away, taking four hours by car and Busan 286.9 km away, requiring roughly four hours reaching Gwangju by car.

You can choose one of the three ways to reach Gwangju.
A. By Air
Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport by a subway (fare: KRW 3,300) or a bus (fare: KRW 7,000)
Gimpo Airport to Gwangju Airport by ASIANA Airlines (Fare: KRW 63,400)
Reference website: flyasiana.com
B. By Train
Incheon Airport to Yong-San Train Station by a limousine bus (Bus fare: KRW 15,000)
Yong-San Stn. to Gwangju Songjung Stn. by KTX train (KTX fare: KRW 37,500)
* Gwangju Songjung Stn will be better to get access to the conference venue than Gwangju Stn.
Reference website: www.korail.com
C. By Express Bus
Incheon Airport to Gwangju Bus Terminal (Bus fare: KRW 30,900)
Reference website: www.airport.kr

Gwangju Subway Line