About Gwangju

Hub City of the Southwestern Region of Korea

With a population of 1.5 million, Gwangju Metropolitan City is the fifth largest city in South Korea. It is the leading city of the western south region, which is being sought for its cutting-edge industry and culture, and a core middle city leading the development of the southwestern region. For a long time Gwangju has been known as a hometown of justice, art and beauty because citizens have never turned a blind eye to injustice and enjoy art, flavor and taste.
As the Mecca of high-tech industry, Gwangju is putting forth strength fostering high-tech industry with improving automobile and electronics industry; Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, Kumho Tires.
Gwangju has been recognized as a city of democracy, human rights, and peace. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Summit and a Women's Forum in 2006 and 2007 respectively offered opportunities to raise awareness about the spirit of democracy, human rights, and peace around the world. Gwangju, with its harmony among culture, nature, and industry, has tried to realize the dream of being a global city that attracts attention in the 21st Century.